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Qatar is a very competitive place. A perfectly clean and sparkling home and buildings Are most attractive. Through our own personal experiences, we realized how challenging This can be. Why should one partner take all the burden of making the home and buildings are shine. There is no shortage of cleaning companies in qatar. We Al Bashar Cleaning Company, over 5 years experience within the cleaning industry, specializing in providing our clients with good products at cost reasonable rates.

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25+Year Of Experience
450+Expert Crew
1700+Happy Clients

What We Are

Our Vision, Mission & Goal


Our Vision

Al Bashar offers a range of house and office cleaning services in Qatar and prides itself on delivering the best quality service or promises 100% guarantee. To be the cleaning contractor of choice in our chosen operating areas for clients, our supply chain and employees.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with the highest quality cleaning services delivered in a safe, professional, considerate and harmonious manner. Be part of the team to maintain a cleanness city of Qatar.

Our Goal

We offer complete house and home cleaning services, carpet, curtains, mattresses and sofa cleaning services, marble polishing, grinding, sealing & repair and restoration services, steam and deep cleaning services.

Why Choose Us?

There is no shortage of cleaning companies in Qatar. Yet, how many of these honor what they promise? That’s a tough question? Do they always reach your home on time? It’s always about counting the hours and before we forget, many exclusions to the maid services that were promised. This is where we want to create a difference for you.




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Health & Safety

Communicate with the employees on matters affecting their health & safety and the importance of reporting or eliminating hazards by encouraging them to bring to the attention of management any proposals for the improvement of health & safety standards; there by allowing them to fulfil their duties safely without risk to themselves or others. Make available all necessary safety equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) with a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
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